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    5 best countries in the world to buy goats

    Goats are one of the first farmed and domesticated animals in the world. Back in the days, when farming was not a culture of any tribe, people mostly hunted animals. But soon they realize it is far more efficient to breed the animals if possible, to get more animal products. And that started the era of farming. And goats were among the first animal that was bred.

    So today we will be looking at some of the best countries where you can buy goats at an affordable price and hassle-free experience.


    Having china on the top of the list is no surprise. China is a massive country where many farm animals can be found like goats, pigs, cows and so much more.

    Research has shown that there are more than 190,000,000 goats in China alone. This makes China one of the most affordable places to buy goats. And selling and breeding goats is a very common part of china’s tradition. So, you will find zero to no hassle buying one there.


    If you want to find the most variety of goats in a single country, it does not get any better than this. India is home to almost 15% of the goat population in the world, and for good reason also.

    India has a religious taboo over the cow. And for that reason, the farming of goats is on the rise. Various banks even provide loans for goats here. So you can easily buy goats from India.


    Another great country to buy goats from is Pakistan. There are around 50 million goats in this country that are bred for meat production and dairy products. And selling goats is a significant contributor to the overall income of rural farmers in Pakistan.


    Iran has a proud history of breeding goats. There are over 20 million goats in this country. The farmers in Iran bred and takes care of their goats like their own children. And you can also find many different types of goats in Iran as well.

    And for that reason, Iran is also a great choice for buying goats.


    As the neighboring country of Both India and Pakistan, Bangladesh is another country known for its goats.  From black bangle goats to Sirohi, Betttal, Jamnapari, and various other crossbreeds, you can find a variety of exotic goats here in this country.…