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Field Trips & Tours

butch looking cuteWe offer experiential farm programs during the Spring, Summer and Fall (March through October).

Field trips and tours incorporate visits with the goats where people of all ages can learn about small-scale goat dairy production. Activities highlight goat husbandry, livestock management, nutrient cycling, healthy soils, and the importance of nutrition, health and wellness. Springtime welcomes goat babies. During this season, visitors will experience raising goat kids, including bottle feeding babies and teaching them to walk on leashes. Visitors may be able to try their hand at milking a goat, learning straight from the source, where their food comes from!

Our field trips and tours are well suited for individuals of all ages and abilities — from 8 weeks to 80 years old — including children and adults with mental or physical handicaps or developmental disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the educational activities offered by Mountain Flower?

  • Hands-on interaction with goats
  • Milking goats and learning about proper food sanitation, milk handling and animal health
  • Raising goat kids and bottle feeding baby goats
  • Walking goats on leashes and putting them out to pasture
  • Plant identification and learning about goats’ diets
  • Through observation, discussion and hands-on experimentation, participants will discover the web of ecological relationships that make up a healthy farm and food system. For example:
    • What effects do goats have on the plants and soils?
    • How does goat waste become a nutrient for the soil?
    • How do goats best cohabitate?
    • Where does milk come from? What is raw milk?
    • What is a working dog?
    • What do goats eat and what is a ruminant

When does Mountain Flower Goat Dairy offer field trips?

  • March through October 2018
  • Tours are scheduled on a rolling basis. Please contact Kallie at and we will get in touch with you on availability and scheduling.

Where is the farm located?

  • We are conveniently located on the SKIP line on the Long’s Gardens iris farm property, one mile north of Pearl Street next to the North Boulder Rec Center.
  • Our physical address is 3240 Broadway.
  • See our Contact Us page for a map and more information.

How many visitors can the farm accommodate?

  • Because the goat to individual interaction is very important to the experiential learning process, we limit field trips to approx 30 participants.

How much time should we schedule for a field trip

  • Field trips are approximately 1 to 2 hours.

What is the price of a tour or field trip?

  • For groups of 5 or less, tours are $65 for 1 hour.  There will be an additional charge of $7 per person for groups over 5.
  • We kindly ask that you send in a non-refundable deposit to secure your field trip or tour. Deposit price depends on size of group and total price of tour.

Is there parking?

  • There is on-site parking that accommodates school buses. We are also on the SKIP line, so public transportation is also an option.

What if it’s raining?

  • If the forecast looks dubious on the morning of the tour, we will reschedule the field trip. Goats don’t like to get wet, and we cannot engage in many of our activities in wet weather.