Join the Board of Directors at MFGD

Join the Board of Directors

We are currently recruiting New Board Members for 2017


If you’re looking for a volunteer experience that still gives you “special access” to our goat herd, but is less focused on scooping poop, then a board member position might be the perfect fit!  Not only do our board members support MFGD’s mission by directing its goals, policies, and programs, they have a ton of fun working with the staff and landowners behind the scenes to continue making MFGD a truly unique part of the Boulder community. 

So, how do you know if you should consider applying for a board position?


  1. Passionate about the mission of MFGD, and
  2. Interested in being part of a sustainably minded community, and
  3. Looking to expand on your educational/professional resume, and/or
  4. Wanting to mentor in your area of expertise, and
  5. Can dedicate your free time to meetings, special events, & seasonal visiting hours


  • Accounting & Finance
  • Administration & Organizational Management
  • Board Leadership & Development
  • Fundraising
  • Education
  • Event Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Programming & Outreach
  • Strategic Planning
  • And any other professional skills you feel would benefit MFGD
  1. Annual and Monthly Time Commitments: board terms are 12 months, and are renewable annually. Ideally we encourage an initial commitment of 24 months, but have flexibility. We also ask our board members to dedicate 5-10 hours of volunteer time per month, which includes board meetings scheduled for the first Tuesday evening of every month.
  2. Fiscal/InKind/Service Contributions: Annual contribution of a Direct monetary contribution; In-Kind Product, Service Donation; or Additional Volunteer hours.
  3. Committee Participation: Serve actively on committees of the Board as requested. Examples include fundraising & events, programming, retail & distribution, etc.
  4. Attend activities and events sponsored by MFGD whenever possible.
  5. Equal Parts Brain & Heart: Our board, staff, and landowners actively seek individuals who want to bring their full selves to the organization. Your emotional connection to the farm/land, your life experience, skills, and the good head on your shoulders will be relied upon to help us further our mission of promoting sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, experiential education, and land stewardship.
  1. Learn New Skills: Regardless of whether you’re looking to expand your educational/professional resume, or hoping to mentor a different generation in your skills and areas of expertise, serving on a non-profit board is a continuing education opportunity appropriate for all ages. A few skills we’ve seen people develop while on our board are:
    • Reading and understand financial statements;
    • Learning how to run effective meetings;
    • Getting comfortable asking for money;
    • Practicing diplomacy;
    • Event Planning & Volunteer Recruitment;
    • Public Speaking & Leadership Development;
  2. Expand Your Sphere of Influence: MFGD could not exist without the invaluable contributions from some of Boulder’s most influential and hard working community members. During your tenure, you’ll cross paths with all the people who’ve kept the dream of MFGD alive, including our steadfast landowners, herd share members, farm hand volunteers, corporate sponsors, and many more movers & shakers in Boulder County.
  3. Cuddle baby goats before anyone else gets to: True story, board members who are also familiar with the ins and outs of farm chores, are some of the first people on the scene during kidding season. This is an especially awesome perk if you’re interested in learning more about goat husbandry, birthing practices, and post-natal care. Oh, and sometimes we even get to name a goat or two 🤗

Interested in applying, but have a couple of questions? Send an email to and one of our members will get back to you ASAP.


Excellent decision! Please fill out our online application, and we’ll be in touch shortly to speak with you in person.