Goat Yoga

Join us in 2019 for more Goat Yoga at Mountain Flower Dairy!  Animals are therapeutic. Yoga is healing. Giving back feels good. Laughter is great medicine. Our Goat Yoga classes at Mountain Flower are a combination of exploration, fitness, and… Read More

Colorado Easter Eggs

Goat Milk Soap

Google is not the only place to find Easter Eggs.  Colorado has its fair share of hidden gems too!  As I mentioned in my previous post, soapmakers are all around you.  Not only that, but there are extremely… Read More

Soapmaking History 101

Natural soap in the mold

Before I started making handmade soap, I’d never met anyone who had.  Now, it seems that everyone I talk to has a friend or family member who makes it as well.  There is so much out there that… Read More