Colorado Easter Eggs

Goat Milk Soap

Google is not the only place to find Easter Eggs.  Colorado has its fair share of hidden gems too!  As I mentioned in my previous post, soapmakers are all around you.  Not only that, but there are extremely talented crafters and artisans hiding behind the people you think you know.  Ed in accounting goes home to silk screen some bad-ass t-shirts on the weekend.  Christine, your favorite server at that craft beer has a line of bridal jewelry and is thinking about opening a boutique.  Ever wonder what became of your high school French teacher?  She retired, pursued her love of painting, and now displays her paintings in a couple of local galleries.  These stories are real, folks!

So what hobby have you been meaning to pick up?  I hear a lot of people say that they’ve been meaning to learn how to make soap.  Usually these people have toyed around with making their own skincare, but are maybe a bit intimidated to work with lye.  Our lives are so hectic these days that often people just don’t have time.  As a student in my final semester of the MBA program at CU Boulder, I can relate.  I try not to think about the gobs of soap I could make in the three hours I spend riding the bus from Denver to Boulder and back most days.   …but I digress.

I found something that may interest those of you who have been meaning to learn the soapmaking process.  Local soaper Lindsey Stone of Clean Getaway Soap Co. is hosting a Soapmaking Workshop in Denver on April 19th!  Whaaaaaat?   I’ve always wanted to do something like this with Sudstress.  Once the goat milk soap program at Mountain Flower gets underway, I would love to host periodic soapmaking classes to benefit their organization.  If this is something you’d be interested in, feel free to let Taber know next time you stop in for a tour or to pick up your milk share.

Some other fabulously talented local artists that blow my mind:

Helen Peterson doesn’t just make her own bags, but actually creates the design of the fabric from her imagination, and silk-screens it onto each piece.  WOW.


I’m personally a sucker for rustic wood art.  There are some fantastic wedding pieces that I would recommend to my clients, as well as art and holiday pieces.


It’s hard to believe that these pieces are hand-made.  Emelie does some serious crafting out here in Boulder.



And did you know that there’s an entire craft market dedicated to men crafters?  Anyone can buy, but Mancraft and Son of Mancraft highlight male artisans.



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