Contract Language: Boarding Contract


THIS AGREEMENT is made to be effective by and between Mountain Flower Urban Goat Dairy (3240 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304), (herein called “Goat Dairy”), and name of Buyer as indicated by Bill of Sale (herein called “Boarder”).

  1. Mountain Flower Goat Dairy leases facilities at 3240 Broadway, Boulder, CO for the holding, caring for, handling and milking of dairy goats. Said facility will be used for the boarding and milking on behalf of the Boarder of the dairy goats which will constitute the hereafter defined “Herd”.
  2. Boarder is the owner of an interest in shares in the goat dairy herd (herein called the “Herd”) located at Mountain Flower Goat Dairy.
  3. Boarder desires to board their portion of the herd with Mountain Flower Goat Dairy and to have the goat dairy care for and milk the goats in the herd and the goat dairy desires to take on the boarding obligation until such obligation is terminated by either party in writing.
  4. Boarder grants Mountain Flower Goat Dairy legal agency to manufacture raw milk into cheese for use of by the Boarder. This means that Mountain Flower Goat Dairy, as agents, are legally authorized to act on behalf of goat-share owners, as principals, to make cheese out of the milk for goat-share members so long as goat-share members own an interest in the Mountain Flower Goat Dairy Herd, have signed a legal Bill of Sale and are paying a boarding fee for their goats.

The parties agree as follows:

  1. BOARDING shall mean having possession of, feeding, maintaining and caring for the herd, milking the goats in the herd and preparing the production of milk from the Herd as fluid milk or any other milk products as defined by the Food and Drug Administration, 21 CFR 131, including but not limited to: acidified or cultured milk, i.e. kefir; eggnog; yogurt; sour cream.
  2. HERD MANAGEMENT & HEALTH Mountain Flower Goat Dairy retains absolute control over how the herd will be maintained and boarded to maintain optimum health of animals, the environment and our members.
  3. BOARDING FEES for boarding the Boarder’s undivided interest in the herd, Boarder shall pay to Mountain Flower Goat Dairy a boarding fee equal to $8/quart share or $12/half-gallon share of the herd owned by Boarder. The boarding fee will be paid online and a receipt will be brought to the pick up. The parties agree the amount of the boarding fee is a fair and reasonable charge.
  4. SHARES OF MILK boarder shall be entitled to receive a portion of the milk production from Boarder’s undivided shares in the Herd. The amount of milk may vary week to week depending on the circumstances.
  5. AGENCY AGREEMENT this contract forms a legal agency agreement between Boarder and MFGD. Thus, Boarder is authorizing MFGD to act on the Boarder’s behalf by making cheese out of the Boarder’s milk share. This is a legal relationship between the boarder and MFGD.
  6. NO SALES OF MILK boarder, MFGD, acknowledge that the sale of raw milk is prohibited by the State of Colorado. Under no circumstances shall Boarder, MFGD, transfer the ownership or possession of any raw milk production from the herd in any transaction that would constitute a sale of milk in violation of the statutes of the State of Colorado or the regulations of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
  7. BOARDING TERMINATION This agreement will be terminated upon written notice of either the Boarder or Mountain Flower Goat Dairy.

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