Contract Language: Herd Health Plan



The idea of “pasture-fed is best” is our major guide to animal nutrition. All pastures are managed organically using sustainable methods to ensure the highest possible soil quality in order to produce the best quality forage for the farm animals. Mixed pastured of grass, weed, peas, vetch and forbs (when available), alfalfa and grass hay, tree branches and organic grain are the only feed for our goats.

We provide free-choice minerals, organic kelp, salt licks and baking soda supplements to the goats every day.

Goats also receive Vitamins A, D and E and a daily “pregnancy tonic” consisting of organic chamomile, nettles, oat straw, red rose petals, peppermint, and raspberry leaf one month prior to kidding to supplement their vitamin needs and tone their wombs.

Whenever feed is purchased, all efforts are made to procure local, organic or natural feed.

Goat kids receive their mother’s colostrum. Kids are fed their mother’s milk until eight to twelve weeks of age.


We annually vaccinate our goats for CD&T (Cl. Perfringens & Types C & D Tetanus) and rabies.

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