Herdshare Contract

Herdshare Contract

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Pursuant to Colorado law (CRS 25-5.5-117) people may only consume raw/unpasteurized milk if they actually own a portion of the herd from which the milk comes. For Mountain Flower Goat Dairy to distribute raw milk, individuals and families must become members of our Herdshare Program. The contracts below allow you own a portion of our herd and board that portion of the herd at Mountain Flower Goat Dairy where we will milk for you and provide fresh, raw, goat’s milk.

We have also included our herd health plan and dairy operation standards to this document. Please review these documents BEFORE you sign the bill of sale or boarding contract.


Raw milk distribution in Colorado is legal and regulated by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. “Raw milk” is milk that has not been pasteurized, i.e. heated to a certain temperature for a certain amount of time. Pasteurization of milk kills any germs in the milk – but it also denatures milk proteins and enzymes and kills all the naturally occurring pro-biotics (healthy bacteria) in the milk. Mountain Flower Dairy tests our raw milk at Microbial Research Inc. lab in Fort Collins. 

Pasteurization of milk was required by law in the 1920s, under the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, when dairy farms started getting big and farmers had trouble with sanitation and maintaining the health of animals. Mountain Flower Dairy is not a factory farm. We are a small farm, milking only 7 goats at Mountain Flower Dairy. Keeping our herd small allows us to keep our milk clean, our animals healthy and our food safety standards high.


HERDSHARE MEMBERSHIP: There is a $15.00 (fifteen dollar) one-time fee to become a member. You may receive a share of milk with the purchase of a goat-share as follows:

  • One Quart milk/week = 1/28th herdshare ownership;
  • Half-Gallon/week = 1/14th herdshare ownership;
  • Full Gallon/week = 1/7th herdshare ownership.

Since you are purchasing an interest in the herd, and not a specific quantity of milk, the above is our best estimate of what a particular portion of our herd will provide. There may be more or less available based on the herd production.

BOARDING FEES: Because selling raw milk in Colorado is illegal, WE NEVER SELL MILK. You pay a “boarding fee” to board your portion of the herd with us and we provide a milking service for you. The boarding fee is based on the share of milk you may receive each week, as follows:

  • One Quart = $8/week
  • Half-Gallon = $12/week

BOTTLE FEE: There is an annual, non-refundable $5 bottle fee per bottle. We ask that you bring back your empty, clean, rinsed-out glass bottle and lid every week and we will sanitize it for you and give you a new bottle filled with fresh milk!

SUSTAINABILITY MEMBERSHIP: We have three options for our annual sustainability membership: $20, $35, or $50 based on your ability to contribute. This annual membership fee covers the actual costs of being a small farm in the heart of Boulder. As we look over our numbers from the past six seasons, we have realized that we need to make some adjustments and increases in our herdshare prices to reflect the true cost of what the farm offers. A price increase is not something we take lightly. We strive to offer a product from the farm that is created with the utmost quality and integrity, as well as being affordable to our community.

In the end the numbers have to add up to make this whole thing work and be economically viable for the long haul. It is our responsibility to make sure we produce a high quality product with a cost effective and efficient system. Our herdshare price needs to reflect this labor of love and agro-ecosystem so that we can maintain this kind of quality going forward.

We understand that the Sustainability Membership Fee is tax deductible, but please check with you tax or financial advisor.


We are unable to make arrangements for shares to be picked up outside of the regular pick-up hours.

MOUNTAIN FLOWER GOAT DAIRY: 3240 Broadway, Boulder (Long’s Gardens)
Please follow Goat Parking signs and park only in that lot, then follow the signs west to the Flower House.

  • Saturdays, starting April 25, 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

GROWING GARDENS: 1630 Hawthorn Avenue, Boulder

  • Mondays (start TBD), 9 AM-5:00 PM
  • Wednesdays (start TBD), 9 AM-7:00 PM      

* Your bottles must be returned at each pick up or you will be charged an additional $5. Mountain Flower has a bottle drop near the Goat Parking that is open 7am-7pm. PLEASE RINSE YOUR BOTTLES BEFORE RETURNING TO US.