Invite a Goat or Llama to Your Virtual Call!

Bring some levity, laughter, and new knowledge to your next virtual meeting! Whether it’s a work conference call, virtual happy hour, classroom visit, or birthday party, our herd would love to drop in for a visit!

Book our llama (Hazel), adult goats, or a whole pile of baby goats to attend your virtual meeting! 

How does it work?

Email us to schedule your animal cameo by sending your preferred date, time, farm animal and the occcasion. Once we confirm your reservation, you’ll send us the link to your virtual Zoom call, Go-to-Meeting, etc. and we’ll meet you there!


$85 Donation to the Dairy – 10 Minute Animal Cameo in Your Virtual Meeting, Unlimited Meeting Guests

$200 Donation to the Dairy – 25 Minutes Includes an Animal Cameo in Your Virtual Meeting + A Farm Tour, Unlimited Meeting Guests

Email Us Your Event Request Today!

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