Join Us for Virtual Bottle Feedings Every Wednesday at 12pm!

Every Wednesday over the lunch hour we’ll be hosting a virtual tour of the dairy and a live baby goat bottle feeding session! We’ll introduce you to each baby and you’ll have the chance to watch them grow from week to week as you tune in! Invite a friend and save your seat by purchasing a ticket today!

Starting Wednesday, 4/29 at 12pm.

May 6th, 12pm

May 13th, 12pm

May 20th, 12pm

May 27th, 12pm

June 3rd, 12pm

June 17th, 12pm

June 24th, 12pm

Tickets cost $15 for a single virtual admission and $20 for a group admission of any size.

How to Watch when you purchase your ticket you’ll be sent a Zoom virtual call link so that you can tune in once the feedings start!