Name A Baby Goat!

Ever wanted to name an adorable baby goat?! Now is your opportunity!
Submit your most creative baby goat name by May 6th!

Capricorn Cowgirl – aka Cappy – our 8 year old LaMancha doe, is expecting 2-3 kids this May and we want YOU to help us name them.

Anyone who donates $25 or more to support our nonprofit goat dairy before May 6th may use their inner creative genius to create their favorite goat name for one of these new babies! If your inspiration is flowing, you can donate more than once in order to submit multiple names.

To test your creativity, we’ve put together a naming system for this year’s herd. All baby goat names must begin with the first letter of their mother’s name AND the name must be that of a vegetable or fruit.

For example, our doe Pearl’s two babies are named Pickle and Parsnip. Multi-part names count too with an ode to our Capricorn Cowgirl and Hilton Head Oma, and Little Richard (King) Henry!

After May 6th, we’ll vote on your creativity and select our favorite baby goat name (or 2, or 3 depending on the number of kids!) to name the newest members of the herd.

So…What is your most cute and creative baby goat name that starts with a ‘C’ and is a fruit or vegetable?

Submit your Donation and Name:

Click here to submit your goat name and donation! Select one of the ‘NAME A BABY GOAT!’  donation options. One name submission is a $25 or more donation, 2 name submissions are a $50 or more donation, and so on.

As you check out, BE SURE to leave ‘Goat Name: <your goat name>’ in the field that says ‘Special Instructions or comments for nonprofit” so that we can be sure to find your creative name(s).

May the most creative name be found!

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