Our Vision

Our vision comprises three interrelated goals:


Mountain Flower creates experiential education modules to enable adult and youth to learn to see themselves not only as consumers, but as important land stewards who are essential to ecological and animal health and wellness. Program participants engage in the basics of goat care – feeding alfalfa and grain, providing clean water, cleaning pens and composting waste. We also teach necessary skills for clean and humane food production to educate future farmers.

In concert with the growing national movement for local food, ecological awareness, and sustainable living, Mountain Flower cultivates people’s connection to what nourishes us, and in so doing ensures that people will protect and restore our local ecosystem for generations to come.

It is important to us that all members of the community have access to our programs. We welcome youth, adults and seniors of all ages and abilities to visit the farm and meet the goats. We will design a curriculum for you, or help you implement your own, as long as it fits with our accommodations and schedule.

The safety and well-being of our guests and goats is always the highest priority, so please talk to us before you plan activities for your visit to the dairy.

We keep our fees for hosting groups as low as we can, but we understand that some people might stay away if finances are a challenge. Please don’t do that! Although we charge a minimal fee so we can keep the dairy going, we will talk to you confidentially about participating in our programs regardless of your ability to pay.


To steward the land and gently handle our herd in the production of humanely produced local goat dairy products for our neighbors and community, restaurants and farmers’ markets and grocers. We teach our methods to others interested in learning humane animal husbandry.


To encourage the preservation and sustainable use of agricultural lands as a current and renewable source of food and feed and for their contribution to cultural, environmental and economic diversity. It is our long-term vision to collaborate with the landowners, other farmers, the city, our neighbors, nonprofits and other stakeholders to permanently protect the last 25 acres of working community farmland in the Boulder City limits from subdivision and development.